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ESD floor paint/coating


ESD floor paint/coating | 5 January, 2001

We are planning out an expansion project. Currently we have vinyl esd tile in our production area. We've found this to be expensive, easy to damage, and a pain to repair. Has anyone had any experience with ESD floor coatings/paints??? Any advice will be appreciated as the paints are much less expensive, but sometimes you get what you pay for.



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Re: ESD floor paint/coating | 5 January, 2001

We currently use a "wax" ESD coating on our floor. It is cheap and easy to repair. However, the maintenace on it is extensive. It also needs to be re-"waxed" quite often. There are permant coatings out there. I have started to look into these products. They are more expensive, but it is a one time cost. This is the way we are leaning at my company. If people have experience with these permanent coatings please speak up.

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Re: ESD floor paint/coating | 6 January, 2001

Vinyl ESD floor tiles are probably the most expensive approach to "permanent" flooring, about $8 a square installed. VPI and 3M are reputable suppliers.

Let me digress on ESD floor "waxes", the earlier poster�s comments are well taken, but the biggest problem with these materials is that they require constant monitoring [because of the uneven wear characteristics] to even determine where the repairs are required.

Poured flooring ranges in price from $3 to 5 a square depending on the poured thickness [10 to 50 mm]. If you have a poured floor installed professionally it is a royal pain in the butt, but cause the installer will have to shot blast the floor, before pouring the material. Garland, Sauerisen, and 3M are well know names of materials suppliers. Each can recommend installers.

Other companies sell poured materials for the "home" installer. A close cousin to these materials is paint.

Carpeted tiles cost about $5 a square installed. Among the nice things about these materials is the ability to replace tiles. Cleaning is not as big of an issue as you�d think. VPI is the best know supplier.

Some companies tout the advantages of sheet materials. I don�t get it. Suppliers are: Lonseal 800.832.7111 fax310830.9986 Plastic Systems 508.485.7390 Freudenberg Building Systems 800.332.6672 Westek, at one time, supplied these materials, but I haven�t kept track.

Desco sell 4X8 foot "tiles" that cost about $100.

I�ve seen people use a black "paper" on their floor.

There was a thread on SMTnet a year or more ago where someone talked about using chicken wire on the floor.

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Re: ESD floor paint/coating | 12 January, 2001

Having formerly worked for a solid rocket motor manufacturer, we were extremely concerned with ESD. I'm not sure of the specifics, but all our floors were painted (concrete). All employees in these areas wore steel toed, conductive shoes, to dissipate any charge build up. Not being an electrical type, I don't know if it was strictly the shoes, or the combination of the paint and the shoes that disspiated the charge. Each building had monitors to check the conductivity of the shoes.

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