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Nancy V


message replys | 14 October, 1999


It now seems that the original message is no longer listed with the replys. Is this just a coincidence or is it planned that way?

I often skip the original message to save time knowing I can read it in the replys. This is also helpful when coming back later to check on a thread. I hope this is not a permanent thing.


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Re: message replys | 14 October, 1999

Nancy, Cliff,

There are pros and cons. Some of the longer threads take an age and a day to download when the server is busy, if everything is intact since the birth of Adam. Personally, I prefer it as is because I'm damn lazy and hate scrolling down to where I think the last message starts. I haven't a clue how feasible it is, but the ideal would be a little switch on the screen labelled 'whole thread' when it is in one direction and 'individual message' in the other.



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Re: message replys | 14 October, 1999

Brian & Nancy,

Yes, our goal is to have the option of displaying the whole thread in one page while still leaving the current option available.

Displaying all of the messages in a thread really doesn't work well with the old messages because they contain previous message information, so a complete message list would have lots of duplication of information in the same page. So there is a little transition happening from old to new style.

We are working on that option, so it should be available soon.

Also, we will put back in the | before the lines in the previous message text area, so that copy 'n pasting will show that it is a quote from previous message.

Thanks for your comments, Cliff

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