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David T Truman


multicore? | 3 January, 2001

We currently use Multicore solder cream and I have recently been made aware of possible unrest in the Multicore/Loctite camp. Does anyone know what the future holds for Multicore and is it true that they may be pulling out

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Re: multicore? | 3 January, 2001

I've been told that they will be getting out of bar solder. Maybe they plan to introduce a new soldr under the Henkel name or something. Otherwise, I've been told the paste buisness is just fine.

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Re: multicore? | 3 January, 2001

This is news to me that I seriously doubt. Couldn't be someone from the competition that told you this, could it?

Tim Skidmore just got made Chair of the IPC Solder Paste Task Group, so if they're pulling out of solder altogether (to do what instead??), that's a funny way of starting!

I don't believe da hype.


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