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Electrovert Fingers



Electrovert Fingers | 21 December, 2000

I was talking to a field rep. for Electrovert when they installed my last machine about bent fingers. He told me there was a aftermarket source for rigid fingers that were made out of a thermoplastic that would shear off rather than bend. Is there anyone on this forum that has any experience with this? Truth or fiction?

Thanks and Merry Christmas,


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Re: Electrovert Fingers | 22 December, 2000

I searched the internet to find out more on your plastic fingers and came up with a little info. is the only link I could find for "plastic Fingers"

Here is the clip from there site:"We represent Jafco's full line of Glass-Polymer Wave Solder Fingers for Electrovert, Dolver Soltec and Technical Devices Wave Solder Systems. Jafco fingers are significantly less costly than Titanium fingers, are more forgiving to your PCBs and maintain their specifications better than any other product on the market today. Contact us for more information and a sample set for your Wave Solder System.

There is something to be said about only one site having mentioned "Plastic Fingers for Ssoldering"

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Re: Electrovert Fingers | 22 December, 2000

Lee, Cal is correct in that Jafco makes the fingers you described. If i remember correctly, they were located in Texas. I had them on an Electrovert in my previous employer. They were about 50% of the cost of the Titaniums. They had their good and bad points. Like the clip from the site said, they did sample us a set. Good point was they would tear off and save me from having to do major repair when the wave machine operator made a mistake.

Only bad thing I experienced was when you tried to run a very large or heavy assmbly they would tend to break. That was about a year ago and they were working on modifying the finger design for us when I left the company.

If the web link doesn't get you looked up with them, let me know and I will dig through my desk to find the phone number for you.


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