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SPI Specifications

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SPI Specifications | 18 March, 2023

whats are the spi range specification (high, volume, range)? How do I determining the right range?

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SPI Specifications | 19 March, 2023

We use Spi Aleader machines, with a built-in library of standards in accordance with the thickness of the stencil and aperture sizes, we perform the final adjustment according to the good- printed PCB and select tolerances so that the quality suits us.


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SPI Specifications | 20 March, 2023

The experimental way is the best approach for SPI settings and fine tuning. Have a start point of +/- 20%. You build 0402s and machine flags them 35% offset from value. You reflow, perform AOI - everything is fine. You go back and you move tolerance to 35%..... Practice shows bigger apertures to have lower tolerances and smaller apertures to have bigger tolerances.

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