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SO18 Wavesoldering


SO18 Wavesoldering | 15 December, 2000

I searched the archives and couldn't find anything specific. Our designers would like me to wave solder an SO18 on an upcoming product. My IPC standards have land patterns, but no recommendation on wavesoldering. This is a higher pin count than we normally do, so I'm concerned with bridging becoming a problem even if we use solder thieves. Is this a valid concern? Can anyone recommend a source for a "wavesolder friendly" land pattern for this device?

Thanks John

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Re: SO18 Wavesoldering | 16 December, 2000

If I were you, I�d be concerned about waving your SO18 too. What is a SO18? Who makes that package?

Regardless, it should be a can of corn, if you: * Orient it so that leads on opposite sides of the component see the wave at the same time. * Increase the length of the pads to 0.08" [10% of the increase on the inside of the pattern, the remainder on the outside] * Pinch the pad width to 0.024" * Add thieving, as discussed in the fine SMTnet Archives.

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