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0402 placed by CP3

Ian T


0402 placed by CP3 | 14 December, 2000

does anyone know if a 0402 can be placed by a FUJI CP3, i can pick them but the vision doesn't read it. any help would be appreciated.

Ian T

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Re: 0402 placed by CP3 | 15 December, 2000


The vision should recognize it; given you've got the correct Part Data. To run 0402 effectively with a CP3 you need:

1. A good, I mean real good, CP4 style feeder for 0402 (1005) 2. 0.7mm nozzles (get from second-source supplier such as WT in Texas). 3. A vacuum generator upgrade. With the 0.7mm nozzles the std. vac. gen. can't handle the load.

If you're not using 0.7mm nozzles perhaps the nozzle is interfering with the camera recognizing the rectangle. Its good to get the latest firmware avbl. from Fuji for the CP3.


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Re: 0402 placed by CP3 | 15 December, 2000

It is not gonna work. Even though you fine tuned the CP3. 0603 is the maximum. The camera design is only for the 0603 maximum. If you use it for 0402. I think at least 60% of the component are gone. Also, there is no 0802 feeder for the CP3. How can you make it work correctly. When CP3 available on the market, there was no 0402 available. Only the CP42 or 43 with SMD3 & good 0802 feeder can handle the 0402. But it still have a lot of problems.


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