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ISO 2000

John H. Feller


ISO 2000 | 14 December, 2000

We are evaluating conversion to ISO 2000. One area we are attempting to get started in is 8.2 Measurements and Monitoring. We will be required to monitor customer satifiaction. I feel the customer in our case is the dealer for our product. He buys the product and sells it to the end user. Is this a good interpretation of our customer? What would be some of the ways to "monitor" this information?

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Chris May


Re: ISO 2000 | 15 December, 2000


The customer is always the next guy in the chain, so, yes your disty would be your immediate customer.

However, unless they actually "use" the product, will they know if it is faulty ? Obviously "customer returns" will come from the end user, through the disty and back to you.

A good place to start would be to monitor customer returns, either at your end or maybe at the disty.

You could express this as a % of shipment in either quantity or value.

However, your returns will be probably out of phase with shipments i.e. stuff you get back today, may have been built some weeks/months ago.

Are the products serial numbered ? Have you or disty's got a buffer stock for "swap-outs" in case of returns ? Have you got a database you could use for tracking ?

This feedback could also help identify batch problems, maybe allow you to have a product recall procedure etc;

Hope this bit of on the fly rambling helps........going home now

Have a good Christmas.


Chris May

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