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Ross McKay


Research | 8 June, 1999

I am based in New Zealand and studying towards an MBA from Henley Management College in the UK.

My current project is for a sheetmetal fabricator, on the feasibility of constructing their own in-house electroplating plant. The client specialises in the production of custom enclosures for the electronics and telecommunications industries. The properties of electroplating that their customers most value is corrosion protection, aesthetics and EMC and RFI shielding.

As a student exposed to a new industry with new technologies, this project requires me to gain an understanding of the industry by gathering and analysing relevant information. The current stage of my information gathering is that I need to understand the changing substrate and metal finishing usage of electronics and telecommunications manufacturers over the next five years.

I have constructed a small survey that seeks to cover the key questions I need answered. I would be very appreciative to make contact with anyone who is suitably qualified to answer these questions and wouldn�t mind spending five minutes of their valuable time on doing so. My contact address is



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