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I nominated Cunli for an SMTA Award


I nominated Cunli for an SMTA Award | 18 May, 1999

Today I submitted a nomination for Cunli Jia for the SMTA Founder's Award. I would like to encourage other SMTA members to do the same.

Now I know we're a bunch of engineers and not writers, but it will only take a few minutes to send a letter off to

And to make it even easier, I posted my nomination in the SMTnet library in the Other Resources section. Feel free to download it, make a few changes, and send it off to JoAnn.

I, for one, would like to see this fine forum get the recognition it deserves.

(Cunli - please don't get mad at me and delete this posting - not until after the Friday submission deadline anyway!)

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Re: I nominated Cunli for an SMTA Award | 19 May, 1999


Thank you for the nomination. We are truly grateful for being recognized. Just knowing that people appreciate the services we strive to provide is an award in itself. It is our hope that this nomination, alone, will help to increase awareness throughout the industry that SMTnet is here for everyone's benefit. Our objective is to foster a close-knit community and a cooperative environment that encourages the free exchange of information and ideas among industry professionals. Regardless of the ultimate recipient of the SMTA Founders Award, we feel that the nomination itself marks a milestone in the development of SMTnet and reinforces our commitment to the industry.

We will not be deleting your posting, but we may move it to the Admin Corner in a few days. Again, thank you for your endorsement. SMTnet could not be successful without supportive individuals like you.


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