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PCB Prototypes

Haitham Sakr


PCB Prototypes | 6 May, 1999

Dear Sirs, I need to buy some tools for PCB prtotypes manufacturing can you tell me the best place & the best price from where I can order :

> 1. PCB boards coated with photoresist both Single & Double sided baords especially the double one with dimensions of 1 m square or 1/2 m square with a life guarntee not less than 3 years. > 2. Photoresist spray bottles of 200ml or more. > 3. Solder & DeSolder tools a complete kit that can be used for both SMD & Through Hole comp, with antistatic protection and temp. control for soldering IC directly to the board. > 4. I need to make a green mask on the PCB to cover the tracks "Solder Mask" and a silkscreen layer for showing Comp. outlines, are there any utilities that I can buy to do these jobs. > 5. For MultiLayer PCB is there any special PCb type for the inner layers ?

Sorry for all these questions, but I'll be thankfull if you guide me to the correct answers, wishing you my best regards.....Thanks

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