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MVII Users

M Cox


MVII Users | 3 April, 1999

I now have the opportunity to work on the MVII's. And I have some questions Do the PCB's have to have tooling holes for the transport of Boards in and out of the machine? These machines are running like S___t. Lots of parts in the reject bin, and scattered throughout the machine. If anybody has any pointers on how to make these things run better I would like to here em. I am getting lots of parts skewed on the board (0805's in adhesive). I lowered the air kiss from 2.2 to less than 1 and that seemed to help allot but still have the skewing problem. I am going to start with... 1) Calibrate the feeders 2) Go through the Part data's and figure out why the parts are rejecting 3) Start using the Fiducial camera's 4) Verify the nozzles are adjusted to the right height (Any ideas on where to adjust that?). Any info would be nice

Mike C

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Brian Lau


Re: MVII Users | 5 April, 1999


If you are having some issues with the machine, contact the Panasert Technical Hotline at 1-800-308-0891. Give them the serial number for the machine and they can answer any of your questions. The call is free and there is no charge to use this service.

Regards, Brian

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