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Oxidated terminals

Cristiano Dick Smiderle


Oxidated terminals | 8 November, 2000

I looking for a possible rework on component terminals that are not soldering in a wave solder machine. The terminals (leads) are very oxidated.

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Steve Aki


Re: Oxidated terminals | 8 November, 2000

First of all, verify your storage conditions. Its useful that poor storage conditions can cause damages in devices (especialy oxidations).


Steve Aki

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Re: Oxidated terminals | 8 November, 2000

ACI offers solderability restoration services by using Reduced Oxide Soldering Activation (ROSA) technology to remove the oxide layers from circuit boards or components and then re-tin or otherwise coat them to maintain a solderable surface.

The ROSA technology uses electrochemical reduction principles to convert surface oxides of a variety of surface finishes, thus restoring solderability. This process is performed in an aqueous solution so any residues are easily and quickly rinsed away.

ACI has one of the few ROSA systems which enables electronics companies to use solderability restoration for the solution to their solderability issues.

Please touch base with me for more information Best regards, Cal

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Re: Oxidated terminals | 8 November, 2000

You need to remove the oxide before you can properly solder your [or any] component. Call your flux supplier ask them for a more active flux than you are using and for their recommendations on removing the flux residues.

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Chris May


Re: Oxidated terminals | 9 November, 2000


Are your oxidised components now all on boards ?

How many and how many terminations ?

If you have any that are still to be used, maybe you can get the supplier / customer to replace them, unless of course they are well old.

If you have storage condition problems, I would recommend that you check for any other evidence of like oxidisation on other components.

You can always tin the ones you havent yet used (flux / solder pot etc).

I have cleaned grubby connectors in an ultra sonic tank before now with some success.


Chris May

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