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adhesive printing



adhesive printing | 30 October, 2000

we want to study printing adhesive,does anyone have advice on process parameter setting of adhesive printing? best regards!

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Re: adhesive printing | 30 October, 2000

I have just recently finished 'experimenting' (perfecting ,if my boss reads this), with this process, and can finally say I have cracked it! There are many pitfalls (some of which I am still hurting from), send me an e.mail and I shall elaborate further.


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Re: adhesive printing | 30 October, 2000

George: Why won't you share with us?

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Re: adhesive printing | 31 October, 2000

Here are some:

Printing Speed : 2.5 ips (inch per sec) Stencil Thickness: 10 - 12 mil but the latter is the best. Dots sizes: u can get that from the Forum Archive...I used Dave F's dot sizes recommendation...they are good! Squeegee Blade : use metal, don't use rubber

I think that's all for now....u need to tell us what type of stencil printer u got...automatic, semi-auto etc...

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Re: adhesive printing | 31 October, 2000


Prnting Glueisn't as difficult as it sounds, as long as you have the right stuff and a good set up. It also depend's on what your going to be placing. If your just doing 0603, 0805 and 1208 than you really only need an 8 thou or 10 thou stencil and print on contact as you would with your paste. If your doing stuff like SOIC's then you can you still use 89 thou adn 10 thou but use a snap off (0.5 - 0.7mm) and a print / flood stroke. Your then onto snap off speed, there is a bit of debate on this, should it be fast or slow??...gnerally I run this pretty fast. Print speed, basically the faster the better, glue isn't like paste it doesn't role, you have to shear it from it's self so anywhere frm 50mm / sec to 100mm / sec. And you MUST use metal blades. In term's of Glue I'm using Hereaus and it's pretty good and their guidlines for appetures for stencil's are pretty dam good although in some cases we've used slot's instead of dot's for 0805's to give them more support. Pressure is also important, it dosn't take alot to get a glue print going, it also depend's on the machine your using skince the MPM calculates stuff different from the DEK and so forth.

Other than that I know there is load's of stuff in the archives about it since myself,Dave, Moonman and numerous others have done this bit before.


John After that it's off

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Re: adhesive printing | 8 November, 2000

thank everyone!

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