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Ramon I Garcia C


BGA on IPII | 28 October, 2000

Hi guys: I have IPII and MPM UP2000 not programable head, I need process BGA, but I never had been process it, I want to know "if I can run it, if not, what I need to do" Please give me some tips, and excuse my english.


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Re: BGA on IPII | 30 October, 2000


I have placed BGAs before with an IP-2. It can be done, but with limitations: IP-2 can only see shape of BGAs, not balls (back-light only). Is this OK for you? I only placed components with balls having 50mil pitch, and the centering with body of component was sufficient. I don't know what happens with smaller pitch, probably it much depends on the manufacturer of the BGA package. IP-2 uses a vacuum cup to hold the part on the pneumatic shuttle, after it has been picked from the tray by the MTU robot. If the BGA has no balls in the center, it is OK. If the BGA has balls in the center, you have a problem (part falls off the shuttle). There is a retrofit to solve this problem, but it was a custom application developed (only for internal use) by my previous company. For what it does, it is quite expensive (~5K$) and requires some re-wiring to the machine. If it is possible and production volumes are not too high, you may consider to re-package your parts to Tape&Reel. For prototypes or very small runs, you can operate the machine in "step" mode and feed the parts by hand to the nozzle. As for the MPM 2000: it is a good machine for fine-pitch, so it should be OK for any type of BGA also.

Good luck,


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Ramon I Garcia C


Re: BGA on IPII | 31 October, 2000

Thanks Stefano: That's the information I have been waiting.


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