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cad/cam for desain pcb



cad/cam for desain pcb | 28 October, 2000

dear sir/madame

I am student sepuluh nopember institute technology of surabaya in indonesia country

i have project that use cad/cam software for making pcb and i've got information that orcad,protel(os windows) and menthor graphic () can use for it

could you tell me more about kind of that software include comparation advantage and disadvantage of them. Which's the best that can be use for design pcb ?

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Re: cad/cam for desain pcb | 30 October, 2000

It's nice that mommy and daddy can afford to provide packages that many professional layout designers yearn for. My stand by my basic comments of:

PCB design software - Jay 14:25:42 05/07/2000 Circuit Technology Center

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