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Searching For Algorithm

Edmund Ong


Searching For Algorithm | 25 June, 1998

Hiya! I'm a postgraduate student in Coventry Uni. Currently, I'm doing a project titled "Optimising SMT Throughput Time". Therefore, I'm looking for an appropriate algorithm as a reference to suit my project. The type of Algorithm I'm looking for is the "Traveling Salesman Problem". I'm looking forward for some experts to provide me the info. Thanks in advance.

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A bit more than Traveling Salesman Problem | 27 June, 1998

You will have to forget about the idea of finding ONE algorithm to optimize SMT placement. For pick and place, collect and place, turret type "chip shooters" with moving feeder cartridge and moving board you will each have to find your own algorithm (which do exist in a pretty good way). The interesting part is where most companies in that field are working on: Optimizing line balancing, Optimizing a number of diferent jobs on one line, Optimizing different jobs on different lines, ... I believe to get some new results in your paper you should first try to gat an overview and then pick a small field where it looks like there hasn't been a good result yet. I hope I don't destroy your morals too much, but I just have to answer if it sounds like someone wants to cover this topic in ONE paper. Good luck, Erhard

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Wayne Bracy


Re: Searching For Algorithm | 27 June, 1998

Edmund: When you find it post it for all of us to read. Thanks and good luck Wayne

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