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Emulsion | 24 October, 2000

what does emulsion to a SMT stencil do?

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Re: Emulsion | 24 October, 2000

From the SMTnet Library Terms & Definitions [er whatever they call it] �

Emulsion. A material that suppliers build-up on a printing screen to block portions of the screen. The un-blocked (open) portion of the screen define the pattern for depositing solder paste on the printed circuit board.

Just to expand � We use stencils and screens to apply liquids [glue, solder paste, solder mask] to our boards.

* Stencil. A sheet of material with openings corresponding to the SMD pad pattern on a printed circuit board. The most common material is stainless steel. Typical thickness ranges from 0.005 to 0.008 inch. * Screen. A screen mesh covered by a emulsion. The emulsion has openings that match the land pattern of the printed circuit board. During printing adhesive or solder paste is forced through these openings onto the printed circuit board.

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