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Solder on Gold Pad



Solder on Gold Pad | 23 October, 2000

I have a problem with solder getting into exposed gold pads. What is the best rework procedure for removing the solder and restoring the gold condition of the pad?

At the moment, we are also covering the gold pad with kapton tape prior to solder paste printing up to reflow, but the tape peels off once it is subjected to the cleaning process. Is there any effective method of masking the gold pad that can withstand the cleaning process. The reason for this is we still have a touch up process after cleaning, and there is the possibility of getting solder on the gold pad during touch up.

Hope I can get sonme help to my problem. Thanks.

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Dave F


Re: Solder on Gold Pad | 23 October, 2000

Don't overlook the SMTnet Archives there is quite a bit of experience there from people slopping solder on their gold fingers.

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