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Brian C


Handshake | 13 October, 2000

Can anyone help? We have reconfigured our production lines and I could use some help for machine communications on 2 production lines. Does anyone know how to get a handshake for the following equipment? Asm Line #1)UIC 4713D output to input Fuji transfer conveyor. Asm Line #1)Fuji transfer conveyor output to input GSM1.

Asm Line #2)Fuji GL2 output to input UIC 5362D Boardflo conveyor. Asm Line #2)UIC 5362D Boardflo conveyor output to input Fuji IP2.


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Re: Handshake | 16 October, 2000

Brian- IPC has SMEMA Down loads for communication protocal: Also, I interfaced a fuji CP6 with a Siemens s20 and had to put in a relay and sensor to complete the communications loop. Fuji uses a 24v on/off communications unit thinking that a PLC will be upstream or downstream to communicate with. Typically the UIC equipment you have is looking for Board readyand/or available. Just having 24v from the fuji machine is not enough to satisfy the loop and the UIC machine times out. Cal

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