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PCB Inspection Services?



PCB Inspection Services? | 8 October, 2000

Ok here's the story...My company has recently started an in house smt line. (we have been mfg thru-hole for years). We hired a smt op and the most of the rest was from reading and previous experiance from other employees/engineers. Our test department is complaining of problems (solder problems, etc). This has done little good to change anything. I would like to send off some samples of our boards to an independant board shop to do an inspection of our products, to give us some unbiosed comments on how our boards stack up. We are concerned with the quality of product we have. Units pass test but does that make them good? We need some outside help to convince the management to make some changes, Or if we are lucky, everything will look good and we are just paranoid.

Can anyone recommend any outside shops that will do this? Somewhere in texas would be perfered. Thanks.

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Re: PCB Inspection Services? | 9 October, 2000

Good story. Bad idea.

You need standards. You need training in those standards. Call IPC to get both.

You're wasting time and money with this cockamamey scheme to outsource your inspection standard making. And who says the bozo or bozette that agrees to do this inspection has a clue? Bottom line? If you don't want to do SMT correctly, out-source that part of your assembly, sell the equipment, and go back to PTH the assembly portion of the job.

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