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SMT Daughter Board Placement

Kev Head


SMT Daughter Board Placement | 6 October, 2000


We are planning to place a daughter board that has a surface mount relay reflowed onto it already. The reason for doing this is a bit complicated and not worth noting here. The process would consist of first placing the SMT relays onto a multi-up daughter board card and reflowing them into place. Then break the daughter board cards into individual boards. Then place the individual daughter boards into a tray and machine place them onto the motherboard. The daughter board that is being placed would be double sided and have a pad geometry identical to the motherboard. The spacing of these pads would be 50 mil.

Does anyone see any draw backs or pitfalls to doing something like this? Please let me know.


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Re: SMT Daughter Board Placement | 6 October, 2000

Head, There are no rules on what is placed by machine. Some things to look at: 1. vision alignment issues a. board size ( FOV ) 2. Machine pick-up a. special nozzle b. off center pick-up (depending on machine this could cause a problem) 3. Reject ability a. Where will the machine drop off the rejects ( back to tray?) 4. Placement a. rotation abilities could be limited by board size Without more info that's about all I got.

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong!!!

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