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Circuit repair kits


Circuit repair kits | 5 October, 2000

Has anyone ever used the circuit repair kits? The type where you can replace a PTH or SMT pad that has been lifted or damaged? It appears that you just select a pad, trace or whatever needs replacing from a panel and heat or glue it onto the board.

What were your experiences with this? Does it work?

Thanks, Larry

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Re: Circuit repair kits | 5 October, 2000

These types of foil kits work just fine as long as they are used before expiration. Scraping off the epoxy coat gets a little tough on fine pitch pads and etches. I have always like to use a solder sample board to retrieve my bits & pieces from whenever possible. That's just my opinion, I could be wrong!!!

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Re: Circuit repair kits | 6 October, 2000

We use both, old boards and repair kits with equal success. Contact East ( has a nice selection of kits depending on your needs, beginner v.s. experienced.

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Re: Circuit repair kits | 7 October, 2000

PACE also makes a variety of repair kits called Thermobond Cir-Kit. You can find it at

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