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Stencil Basics

M Shipley


Stencil Basics | 25 September, 2000

I am new in electronics and the process of electronics and I am looking for a some basic books on stencils. Such as what to use for different pitch and appertures etc.... any help would be very much appreciated.

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Re: Stencil Basics | 25 September, 2000

A thorough search of this forum and also will get you started with some titles as well as some pretty good anecdotal stuff from a nice cross-section of applications.

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Re: Stencil Basics | 2 October, 2000

It's not really you need a book. You can ask your stencil supplier for what to... The supplier should be an expert in stencil making. Basically pitches and apertures should be made to the spec in CAD data of PCB. You can ask to make to 90% size of pads, especially for fine pitch. As to thickness of stencil, suppliers of printer, stencil, solder paste, all would give suggestion. Suppliers are your teachers, for they are experts in the area they are doing.

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