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PCB Manufacturers Certificate of Conformance



PCB Manufacturers Certificate of Conformance | 2 January, 2002

Hi Guys,

What most of you do with the above cert. of conformance that comes on a certain batch of PCB's from the PCB manufacturers ? It also comes with a micro section of a PCB showing the internal of a PTH Via Barrels. I kept receiving them from every PCB Product that we have (during every delivery) but I dunno what to do with them and I'm not from QA department. Is QA suppose to have them ?

Thanks in advance.

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PCB Manufacturers Certificate of Conformance | 2 January, 2002

Well usually QA keeps the COC and x-section samples, for a designated minimum time period of 6 months, this time period is not set in stone and is defined by your ISO records retention period...each company bears varient importance to the retention of its supporting quality records...make no mistake the COC and x-section are precisely that - quality records...

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Michael Parker


PCB Manufacturers Certificate of Conformance | 2 January, 2002

Ian is correct in saying that the Cert.s and x-section should be forwarded to QA. It would be the responsibility of Incoming or Receiving Inspection to validate the materials. Your suppliers are offering proof that they comply to industry standards or purchase specifications. Someone in your company should be checking the suppliers proof, failure to do so introduces the potential for faulty product being used. If you don't have anyone doing this or your QA department is unaware of what to do, you need to get educated. Get IPC/EIA/JEDEC spec.s for PCB's. Your supplier may be helpful in interpreting spec.'s but don't just take their word for it. Check your purchase agreements for any spec.'s stated and also your gerber files. Your design engineers may have imbeded spec.'s on the top and bottom layer drawings for the fab.'s.

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