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Wave Solder Machine Fingers



Wave Solder Machine Fingers | 25 January, 2002

All, On my Wave Machine the Coating on the fingers "pcb carriers" is coming off. They are way way way way overpriced to replace if all possible. I would think there is someone out there that could re-coat them??? If so what is the companies name/ contact etc???

Thanks Stimpman

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Wave Solder Machine Fingers | 25 January, 2002

On your coating ... * What is the material coating? * What is the purpose of the coating?

So, is this coating something that was on the fingers on your conveyor and is now transmigrating to your boards?

We replace 20 of our titanium fingers on our conveyors during each quarterly machine maintenance. Titanium fingers are not "cheap", but yano ... We have samples of glass-polymer wave fingers, but have never tried them on the machine. [No guts, no ...]

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Wave Solder Machine Fingers | 25 January, 2002

I do not know what this plating is, I would check your service manual, or contact the machine manufacturer, our wave machines use titanium fingers, which i believe are not plated. If yours are plated you should be able to contact the manufacture, and possible have a local plater replate.

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Wave Solder Machine Fingers | 30 January, 2002

Dave, We haven't head issues with the material on Pcb's. The issue is now that the coating is coming off the solder builds up on the fingers. Front side brushes keep the front clean, but the back are a issue. The fingers have a "teflone"? type of coating. I have looked at the Titanium but the cost is more than replacing new ones from the original vendor. Quote from your quote as a Manager role ( No savings no bonus!!!) Looks like I'll replace them a little at a time.

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Wave Solder Machine Fingers | 30 January, 2002

Hey, you can only carry that �No savings no bonus!!!� thing so far. * There is negative saving when the machine isn�t running. * I know I have to trim my finger nails, but that doesn�t mean I wait until I hurt myself scratching my nose or on the other hand cut myself so that I don�t have to trim as often. [I do like to put lots of loose change ON THE COUNTER, when paying people with long nails for things, tho.]

If the Teflon was on the fingers and now is not, it IS going someplace. [Teflon never goea away.] The place it is going is your solder pot and from the solder pot it IS going to your boards. Whether someone has complained about it to you is a different issue.

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Wave Solder Machine Fingers | 1 February, 2002

Hello Stimpman,

I am not sure what type of plating you are talking about, but it would be helpful to know who's machines you have. I may have some alternatives or ideas for you to check out. I will be glad to help if I can.


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Wave Solder Machine Fingers | 2 February, 2002

STIMPMAN- Dave is correct Teflon has to be going somewhere. Solder is also expensive and to be dragging it around the fingers on your machine is not cheap either. (I am sure Debbie could recomend a reclain system ). Some times the pain is either front end or back end just depends on how you want to take it(Dave F. purge your dirty thoughts). I much rather cash up now for new fingers than have something more serious go wrong elsewhere down the road. Kinda like just changing the oil in your car with out changing the filter. Solder left on the fingers because the coating is missing could cause the PCB to be picked up incorrectly. The PCB could be pitched that could cause flooding and spillage of hot liquid solder. Preheaters do not take well to liquid solder.

I do know some people contact used equipment sources for good used fingers (not my suggestion) but it may be an option if you are really strapped for cash.

Best regards, Cal Driscoll Manncorp Product Applications

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Alex K.


Wave Solder Machine Fingers | 4 February, 2002


I'm not sure that I undarstand, but how much is the titanium finger???

I've just bought 50 for $75.

I don't see it as very expensive.. and it i s a good idea to replace them once in a while...

If you need some I can send them out ..

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