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PCB Material

Francois Racine


PCB Material | 13 September, 2000

My question is concerning a cheap PCB material.

I have a sample with me and I have to quote on this product with the same PCB material. This material is not FR4 and the color is beige. I think CEM-1 material is beige too but I`m not sure. I`ve heard about a material called `` bakelite ``( I`m not sure of the spelling ). I did try to get information from PCB company from North east of USA, Canada and China and they don`t know about this product. What I want to know is : When you want to use a cheap material, what are you using ??? Bakelite, CEM...

I need help about this

Thank you


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Re: PCB Material | 13 September, 2000

If you don't know what you have, how the blank are we sposed to tell you? Try your local fab.

CEM1 - Opaque tan CEM3 - Translucent FR2 - Opaque brown FR3 - Opaque cream FR4 - Translucent FR5 - Translucent FR6 - Opaque white G10 - Translucent G11 - Translucent

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Re: PCB Material | 14 September, 2000

Cheap and beige = CEM1 Dave has good advice. Go to a fab that you use and ask them. My concern is that you are not getting enough documentation to do your job correctly. If your customer expects you to duplicate a sample they had better spec what they want - and that includes the board material. What other surprises are down the road? Good luck John Thorup

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Danny Carr


Re: PCB Material | 14 September, 2000

Francois, Phenolic resin or "Bakelite," was a non-flammable, early plastic that was popular in the 1920s, '30s and '40s.

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