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sanyo | 12 September, 2000

Hello there I'm a student from austria and tried to find some technical information of Sanyo SMT machines. But I've been trying everywhere and in the end I've found this forum. I would be especially interrested in the TCM3600 , TCM3000 and the TIM5000

thanks very much folks and see ya soon

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Re: sanyo | 12 September, 2000

You may want to try contacting the local sales representative for Sanyo, sometimes they will help students out with documentation requests. If you can track down the Sanyo website you could possibly get what you need there including local representative contact data.

Good luck

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Christopher Lysik


Re: sanyo | 12 September, 2000

Universal Instruments sells the Sanyo chip shooter as the 4791 and 4796 chip shooter. If you go to you can get all sorts of info Universal is located in Binghamton N.Y. Universal has a office in the Chez Republic. They may also be able to help.

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help | 16 September, 2000

can't find a doucment for sanyo tcm 820 ,is china

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