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Form tips



Form tips | 16 August, 2000

Does anyone else have the 'form tips' pop up over and over and over and over.. well you get the idea, after looking at each form entry. This has happened many times over the last several weeks. It does this to me after I obediently check the 'don't show the box' box. Is this a case of challenged user or is the little bugger broke?


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Re: Form tips | 16 August, 2000

Yeah... annoying isn't it. I see Tip # 1 in my dreams. Cliff said it had something to do with the cookie. Try checking the no box, closing your browser and then coming back. I think that's what gets rid of the box. But then, like heartburn, it'll be back for some reason. Good luck John Thorup

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Re: Form tips | 17 August, 2000

I just like to click on my browser window and leave the little bugger open on my desktop, then I only have to deal with it once when I exit.

Ray J.

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Re: Form tips | 21 August, 2000

Thanks for the comments regarding the tool-tip popup box. The popup tips have been disabled. If you have forgotten any of the tips you can review them by clicking on the "Pop-up Tips/Help" link in the left menu.

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Re: Form tips | 22 August, 2000

Thank you!

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