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If Not Gold Then What


If Not Gold Then What | 15 August, 2000

In many threads here I have read and talked about Electroless Gold problems and have experienced my own problems with it. Love to hear what others are doing as a replacement. Is it Electroless tin, is it osp or is HASL good enough for .031 pitch BGA processing. The particular board we are running is about 8 x 10 with a Ceramic 256 pin BGA right in the middle of the board. It also has 2 .031 pitch BGA's and a host of various .019 and up pitch parts. Let me know what the thoughts are in today world


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Re: If Not Gold Then What | 21 August, 2000

Doug: I guess every solderability preservative has it�s fans. You know what the issue is? � A supplier that makes it�s customer happy by doing a good job processing material!!!! I�m a HASL guy myself � too much heartache with the other stuff. Give that bias, go wid da HASL!!! With HASL, I�d be more concerned about the 19 pitch whatever�s than the 31 pitch BGA.

Look at "Risk Assessment Of PCB Alternate Finishes" Jim Reed, PC Fab, 7/00, p. 26. * Check for the article on-line at: (I don�t know if it there, but they mentioned the site in the article) * If that doesn�t work, Jim Reed�s e-mail address is:

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