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Sn43Pb43Bi14 Solder


Sn43Pb43Bi14 Solder | 19 December, 2002

Does anyone have experience using Sn43Pb43Bi14 solder on high reliability circuit boards that are subjected from -55� Celsius to +85� Celsius? What companies/industries are using this solder? Does anyone have detailed information on what the properties of this solder are other than temperature such as Shear Modulus or Shear Strength or Tensile Strength? I have seen and heard lots of opinions on this subject but very little in the way of facts to support those opinions.


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Sn43Pb43Bi14 Solder | 19 December, 2002

Facts!!! I got facts.

Mechanical strength experiments of Sn43/Pb43/Bi14: �Microstructural And Mechanical Characterization Of 43/43/14 Tin/Lead/Bismuth�; J. Marshall, J. Calderon, J. Sees; Soldering And Surface Mount Technology; 10/91, p25-27

Look at any phase diagram for Tin/Lead/Bismuth. It shows a a eutectic composition of Bi52/Pb32/Sn16 can form in the grain boundaries. Melting point of this alloy is 95�C.

Sn43/Pb43/Bi14 solder is used in some telecom switch gear.

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