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motion detector



motion detector | 11 August, 2000

I was wondering if any could tell me how to take a commercial motion detector and convert it to run off of 9 or 12 VDC. Thank you

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Re: motion detector | 12 August, 2000

Barry: We use motion detectors: * In our product packaging to determine if the shipper has drop kicked the box down the stairs. * Along our conveyors in production to sense a "line full"

These are far different applications and probably far different from your application. So, please help us focus.

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Re: motion detector | 13 August, 2000

I think you are talking about Infra Red motion detectors.Most of them are 4.5V. You can use a voltage regulator 7805 IC(5VDC Output) after your 12 or 9VDC supply. In case your detector requires a different supply voltage simply choose a 78XX(XX=Voltage required) accordingly.

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