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Capacitor Supplier


Capacitor Supplier | 4 August, 2000

We manufacture a mixed technology board, that uses a through hole "mini cap" with a 2.5 mm lead span. We have had several failures caused by solder wicking up through the plated through hole pcb and touching the can. This shorts out the capacitor. As a short term solution we are having the parts sent to a taping company that adds a bend to the leads to create a standoff. This prevents our radial inserter from inserting the part flush to the board. Does anyone know of a supplier that can provide parts such as this directly? Our current suppliers do not seem to have the capability. Any help will be appreciated.



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Re: Capacitor Supplier | 4 August, 2000


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Re: Capacitor Supplier | 4 August, 2000

This is not that unusual. Most manufacturers have a number of optional lead configurations available, including a standoff kink. It is sometimes difficult with low quantities or with a lazy distributor. Get a complete spec catalog for the components involved and look for yourself. Call the manufacturer's sales engineering folks. Good luck John Thorup

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