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IP3 Trace Function

Larry Johnson


IP3 Trace Function | 29 July, 2000

Okay, here is the deal. When result is turned on in trace, I have parts that place fine, square as can be. When I turn result off, they skew. This isn't on all parts, I have tried different vision types, with no improvement. Currently using #100. Anyone got any ideas? Hey JAX, how is it going?

Larry J

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Re: IP3 Trace Function | 30 July, 2000

BIG J, Long time no see, I have only seen this problem as the size of the part increases and reaches the camera's maximum tolerance. Are the parts always failing on a specific side of the machines( next to MTU )? You might want to get in touch with OB1. I think he is one of the few that's still there. Say hi to the little lady for me, JAX

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Re: IP3 Trace Function | 31 July, 2000

Hi I have some people that are good with the IP3 pd's send it to me with a brief description of how it looks and I will try to solve this problem.

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