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HSP Utilization

Thomas Lee Radney


HSP Utilization | 16 May, 2003

We are a mixed volume facility and we are doing our utmost to achieve 55% utilization on HSP's (UIC 4797's and 4791's) We are basing this on a world class metric. I am wondering if anyone else out there is measuring utilization, what sort of results you are getting and what made the biggest impact to your utilization?

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HSP Utilization | 16 May, 2003

We have used "feeder templates" in the past to keep components, that are shared by different products, on the same feeder slot number and it has worked well for us.We create a "master set up" say for product A that use 60 different components, the next product, product B of the same family use 50 common components and 10 that are only used by product B. By using the template of product A we only need to set up 10 components to build product B.

On double sided products, top side is set up on carriage one, bottom side on carriage two while top side is being built.

So for us, building products of the same family by using a "master feeder set up" has worked well. It has decreased the set up time dramatically.

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HSP Utilization | 16 May, 2003

The UIC HSP (Sanyo), like Panasonic MV MS and Fuji CP, are random access turret type chip-shooters. Having a split carriage, typically 2x 60, 2x 70 or 2x 80 input carriage tables, allows for faster changeovers provided you have enough positions on each carriage table to load feeders for each job. In this case, while one carriage table is running job �A�, the second carriage table is parked and available to load feeders for job �B�. This way, changeover is a constant time- change program and change rail width & board supports (if necessary). Also, having extra feeders will enable you to replace empty feeders during run time with loaded ones (constant time), vs. removing the empty feeder and loading it with a new reel (variable time). Having two chip-shooters in-line provides even greater flexibility. I had two lines each with 2x CP-3, a very large feeder inventory and custom-made feeder carts to improve machine utilization by reducing feeder setup and re-load times.

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HSP Utilization | 16 May, 2003

Tom, You've recieved some good feedback so far... keep in mind that both models of machines you have utilize a 4x40 configuration. This allows for even greater flexibility if your jobs are small enough. We also offer Dual Track Feeders to shrink the size of your set-ups, especially if they only partially overflow into the next carriage.

We have some basic times study charts that we can discuss with you to determine if fixed family set-ups make more sense for you than complete changeovers. It's probably always a moving target although, and you need to decide on either a consistent strategy (easier but not always as efficient) or one that changes daily based on your # of changes and volumes. What might be right today, may not be right tomorrow.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me to discuss more details about your situation and how we can improve your utilization.

Regards, Todd Vick, HSP Product Specialist Universal Instruments

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