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Strain Gage Analysis tips



Strain Gage Analysis tips | 17 July, 2003

We have started an initiative to eliminate component damage within our SMT area in order to achieve <10ppm defect levels.

I would like to evaluate component stresses throughout the SMT assembly processes and wondered if anyone out there has experience of undertaking such an exercise.

Questions that arise are:

-What type of strain gages to use? -Where to position them? -What are the likely causes of component damage? -How to test a placement machine? -How to test other processes?

Can anyone advise me?


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Strain Gage Analysis tips | 21 July, 2003

We doubt that stain gages will provide the granularity or repeatability to provide meaningful data.

Contact: Cemal Basaran, Dr Associate Professor SUNY Buffalo

Work: 716-645-2114 X2429 Fax: 716-645-3773 E-Mail:

243 Ketler Hall North Campus SUNY at Buffalo Buffalo, NY 14215

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