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In need of a manual tape splicer that joins togeather all SMD carrier tape. We are running mydata equipment and we need at least a 6" leader on each reel. Who sells such equipment??

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Re: SMD TAPE SPLICING TOOL | 20 July, 2000

Siemens makes a hand splicer, not sure of the part number. You also need the consumables (clips and tape), which they sell also. You can reach them at 888-SMT-HELP.


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Re: SMD TAPE SPLICING TOOL | 20 July, 2000

Haven't used it but TopLine sells a hand splicing tool (HRS5) 800/898-9888

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Re: SMD TAPE SPLICING TOOL | 20 July, 2000


First of all, if I recall correctly you should not need a 6" leader for starting a reel on a Mydata. Mydata's have a reel leader extension attachment with a V hook at the end so you can avoid this need for a long leader. You should be able to get by with like a 1" or 2" leader. But anyway, Topline used to and probably still sells manual tape splicers for around $700.00. These come with different size tape widths for a variety of sizes. Topline's phone number is 800-776-9888. The other solution is to leave a piece of the tape film on the spool from previously used reel, and use that as an extension to attach your new reel film. You can do this by knotting or taping them together. People here have gotten really efficient in using this method with minimal or no downtime offline. For us the amount of time by using this method does not justify the purchase of a splicer. Good luck.

Deon Nungaray SMT Mfg Process Engineer GMI USA

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Re: SMD TAPE SPLICING TOOL | 20 July, 2000

If you are using embossed tape you can use super glue and put the last pocket of the old tape into the first pocket of the new tape, or visa versa if that suits your feeders better. You can also simply glue old peelback onto new leader, wipe away all excess glue thoroughly. With paper tape I don't know if you can just get away with doing the peel back on mydata machine.

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