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Portable Cooling

Stan Stacy


Portable Cooling | 20 August, 2003

Our old roof mounted air conditioners are currently not working. We are having some very humid weather right now which has been giving us some solder paste contamination problems. My Surface Mount line is in one room, (approx. 19,000 sq. ft.) along with the entire Electronics Department. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with any type of portable cooling systems to help control the environment around the SMT equipment, or is that even a possible solution?

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Portable Cooling | 21 August, 2003

Stan- One of our buildings (not our SMT line or components) Has Great Aircondition but can not regulate the humidity. The building is cool but Wet (No need to lick envelopes as they are already stuck together) from humidity.

We went out and found the best deal on 4 dehumidifiers and put them in opposite corners. In 15 minutes each one extracted 2 inches of water.

You may not cool the shop down but may be able to remove some humidity. Fortunatly for us it was not 19,000 sg ft good luck on that size room Sorry if this is the best I have.


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