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Re: To Rework Or Not? Ah That's The ...


To Rework Or Not? Ah That's The ... | 17 July, 2000

We are trying to improve the decision process for our Material Review Board (MRB. We have a fairly standard defect identification and MRB process. We are pretty comfortable with our ability to: � Identify problems components and assemblies. � Segregate problems components and assemblies from main stream processes. � MRB meeting to take one of three actions 1 Scrap 2 Rework 3 Use as is

What evaluation points (eg, cost, available skills, available tools, etc) does your MRB use in determining whether or not to rework an assembly? Do you have a check list or assessment form that you could suggest?


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Chris May


Re: To Rework Or Not? Ah That's The ... | 18 July, 2000

Dave, Hope this helps. Just a few quick thoughts as I am off to give a training course.

Is it a material/component issue or process ? Where was the problem detected ? Could it have been found sooner if we change things slightly ?

1)Is assembly damaged but functional ? If it works and has cosmetic defect is it visual to end user ? If visual can it be covered by concession or used as "Golden" product in test (ATE, MDA etc:)?

2) If assembly does not work, get technical guys to estimate time based on previous fault logs for similar problems. If time required => 50% of cost, bin it. If viable, spend no more than that time to fix. Then concess or use as is.

3) Components are more tricky. Can they be returned to supplier if deemed to be faulty? (proof?). Is/was there an in-house handling problem ? Have design stayed within the constraints of the device? Is there a batch problem (had a recent one with Elantec. They did admit a problem (EL4583)and we had to change our design to suit).

I have (had but can't locate at present) two simple flow charts compiled in VISIO. One for assemblies and one for components. Shouldn't be too difficult for you to knock some up.

Sorry if it seems a bit rushed........but it is.

Good problem. Be interested to see what other bods come up with.In the end it all comes down to cost.


Chris May.

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