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Conformal Coating



Conformal Coating | 3 November, 2003


When stripping conformal coating from an entire assembly, how do I know the stripping solution won't damage anything on the PCB ? stuff like electronic sensitive devices, wiring, labelling and plastic hinges. And secondly when conformally coating how would I know what items require masking and what don't ?

Thanks in advance


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Conformal Coating | 4 November, 2003

One of the requirements for our components and PCBs is fluid compatibility. They are tested by a 30 second immersion in the applicable solvent/cleaner/fluid, then they are tested for functionality and degradation.

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Conformal Coating | 11 November, 2003

Adam, As for stripping the boards.. get them right to start with. Believe me you don't want to clean them. If you have to remove the coating most conformal coating brands offer a removal agent that has been tested on most all component ranges. IF you have a special application your unsure of, they will assist you. Also another pointer.. make sure the pcb is cleaned so your surface material will bond well.

As for covering parts on a populated pcb.. contacts/conn/ jumper pins /test points( if tested again after coating) etc. I use a wide range of rubber molded caps that can be ordered to fit different size parts. These are inexpensive and can be cleaned to be used again. Good luck with your processes..

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Conformal Coating | 13 November, 2003

Thanks for the info guys.


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