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MPAV Y-Axis deviation overflow



MPAV Y-Axis deviation overflow | 11 November, 2003

Hey all, Anybody out there able to shed some light on the above error.My Mpav powers up with this error and wont let me do anything the manual is not much help either. Regards, Mantis

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MPAV Y-Axis deviation overflow | 12 November, 2003

Manually move the beam away from the limits with the power down. Be sure the beam is parallel (marks to help with this are on the Y-axis lead screw covers near the machine front) and then power up again. Good luck.

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MPAV Y-Axis deviation overflow | 17 November, 2003

if george idea doesn't solve ur problem then it must either be the driver or the y-axis motor itself.try swaping the driver with other machines if u can afford it .

good luck.keep me posted of the developments.

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brian bennett


MPAV Y-Axis deviation overflow | 15 February, 2004

as george says move beam back towards the centre of the machine make sure it is square although not neccesarily on the alignment arrows. make sure alignment laser is clean along with the recieving mirror on the head.also make sure the driver filters are clean if you have'nt already.i am assuming you have fixed this error by now but bear in mind the above comments.if you need any further help i have experience with the following panaserts mv2f,mpa,mpag3,mv2v,spp,sppv,hd,hdp3 plus numerous older models.

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