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claning PCB



claning PCB | 4 December, 2003


We are going to clean PCb after assembly (SMD and THT) due to conformal coating. It is small value production with elements on PCB like BGA, QFP. What you recommend or suggest to use : ultrasonic? , spray wash? or something like dish wash???.

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claning PCB | 4 December, 2003

Buy a used, refurbished batch cleaner from a reputable equipment supplier. * Ultrasonics can damage some electronic components. * Spray washers are good. * Mike Konrad, our resident saponifier guru, posted to a previous thread, commenting on dish washers. Search the fine SMTnet Archives for his comments. * Until your volume builds, consider contracting your cleaning needs.

That said, some no-clean fluxes are compatiable with some conformal coating materials.

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