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Cycle Alarm X-reach on CP6



Cycle Alarm X-reach on CP6 | 6 July, 2000

We recently installed a new Servo-Amp which controls the X-Y table on our CP6 machine. Eversince, we are experiencing a Cycle alarm X-reach on the machine. We tried to greased the table a little bit more but the only thing that seems to work is to slow the table-speed down. Does anyone had experienced this problem too on your machines? Any input will help....

Thanks, Hermie

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Re: Cycle Alarm X-reach on CP6 | 7 July, 2000

I know you're not gonna buy this one... But we had the same thing and it was the metal sleeve covering the ball screw. Spray some Biral on it to loosen it up. I didn't believe it but we did it and instantly the problem went away (2 times on 2 different cp's).

good luck

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Re: Cycle Alarm X-reach on CP6 | 9 July, 2000

Hi Hermie, Did you perform a Servo-zero-adjustment and Gain calibration on the amplifier after replaced it ? This is necessary fine turning when replacing the amplifier. You had better ask Fuji service center for the procedure. Hope this help you.

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