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Mark Charlton


Glop-Top | 6 July, 2000

I need a brief synopsis of "Glop-Top". What is it? What process concerns should I have?

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Re: Glop-Top | 6 July, 2000

Mark: An area of increasing interest to all of us. From the SMTnet "Terms & Definitions" (or whatever they call it)

Globtop. Encapsulant. Encapsulating. Encapsulation. Potting. Enclosing an article in an envelope of adhesive or encapsulating compound. Encapsulating Compound. An electrically nonconductive compound used to completely enclose and fill in voids between electrical components or parts, typically an epoxy resin.

Several of the trade magazines have published articles on encapsulation, check SMT, Circuits Assembly, etc. For example:

A fair amount has been written in peer review articles. For instance: "Adhesion Issues At Expoxy Underfill / Solder Mask Interfaces" RA Pearson et al, Journal Of Surface Mount technology Apr 1997, V. 10, I. 2, p31-36

A book "Low Cost FC Technologies for DCA, WLCSP, and PBGA (Design, Assembly, Packaging, Manufacturing)" JF Lau ISBN 0-07-135141-8 has several chapters on encapsultion:

Chapter 6. Flip Chip on Board with Conventional Under-fills. Chapter 7. Flip Chip on Board with No-Flow Under-fills. Chapter 8. Flip Chip on Board with Imperfect Under-fills.

Good luck

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Michael Parker


Re: Glop-Top | 7 July, 2000

A little dab'll do ya


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