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Incircuit Testers



Incircuit Testers | 19 December, 2003

Does anyone have experience with Test Research Incorporated MDA's and incircuit testers? Has anyone worked with Test Pro Systems on such a project? Can you make any recommendations from your experiences in selecting incircuit testers? Thanks John

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Incircuit Testers | 21 November, 2004

Hello Let me tell you that we are the representative of Mexico for TRI. This Branch of Circuit tester of taiwan an very succesfull in mexico.

If fou have questions please contact me to answer

Alfredo Martinez Luna

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LArry Pearson


Incircuit Testers | 27 January, 2005

John we have some used TRI systems available. Vintage 2002. If your interested please let me know and I will provide more details.

Larry @ jmcserv com

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