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SMT adhesive recomendation

Ralph Landry


SMT adhesive recomendation | 6 July, 2000

I need to build a couple of prototype SMT boards and need some recomendations on some adhesive or epoxy to use to hold the parts down prior to hot air soldering. I find that some parts want to skip across the board when heated, or they want to walk off the pads. Anyone have a suggestion as to what I can use to build just a couple of boards? Thanks.

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Re: SMT adhesive recomendation | 6 July, 2000


Typically our co-op students put down solder paste with a syringe, place the parts on the paste with tweezers, and then reflow the paste with a hot air pencil. This works pretty well when they are hand building prototypes. You can probably get a free sample of paste from EFD, Alpha, or Aim. There are several other suppliers as well. If you use a typical SMT adhesive to hold the parts for you, you'll need to cure it with UV light or heat it to 150 deg. C in an oven. If you have the capability, contact Loctite or another supplier for a sample. I would be concerned about using other types of adhesives. If you get them hot, they may give off fumes.


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