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Re-Tin Leads

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Re-Tin Leads | 25 March, 2004

I need a source to get several thousand SMT ICs re-tined, does anyone know of anyone that can do this for us. the parts are in tape and reel and will need to be repackaged also. We are in a bind the part itself is an end of life component and these were procured off the "grey" market and are 5 -6 years old and new components are not yet "approved" for our use. These particular parts are just notorious for non-wetting, but as soon as we put a soldering iron to them they wick-up great. The oven profile is good and the boards are not contaminated. Switching to a different solder paste is not an option for us. Thanks for any help.

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Re-Tin Leads | 25 March, 2004

For lead tinning services you might want to try:

Both of these companies will re-tin SMT.

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