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PCB dicing blades

Andreas Albrecht


PCB dicing blades | 22 June, 2000

Dear Folks, could anyone give me an advice who supplies dicing blades (2 or 4") for cutting blended, through hole plated PCBs (1-3 mm thickness).

Who has made good experiences (tool life, duration) with which blades? Are there any good application informations on the web?

We know the names of the following companies, but have no experience about the quality of these blades.

DISCO, EHWA, K&S Microswiss, Microautomation


Andreas Albrecht

CiS Institut f�r Mikrosensorik gGmbH In den Weiden 7 D-99099 Erfurt Tel. +49-(0)361-44 20 660 Fax +49-(0)361-44 20 666

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