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TDK Axial/Radial Programming software


TDK Axial/Radial Programming software | 8 April, 2004

We are looking to buy a insertion line TDK AC-7 Axial machine and a VC-7AT Radial machine. I am curious if there are any software out there that can program the machines. Spoke with Aegis and circuitcam and they told me they do not have any software to program these machines. If anyone out there that have these machines and has a method of generating a program for these thru-hole machines your assistance would greatly be appreciated. We currently have circuitcam software to aid us in programming most of our equipment any assistance in this matter would greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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TDK Axial/Radial Programming software | 8 April, 2004

We used a company who wrote some software for us to do off line programs and storage, we utilised the rs 232 port to do this ,but this company went bust. TDK supply an MFT system which is expensive, I acn make some equiries for you from a contact at TDK and other dealers.

thanks john bond jbservices

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TDK Axial/Radial Programming software | 9 April, 2004

TDK can supply the cables and software, you supply the PC, all they need is machine serial number to suply you with correct version of software. let me know if you are intersted and you can contact them direct. thanks john

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TDK Axial/Radial Programming software | 13 April, 2004

Spoke with TDK and they told me Unicam or now called Technomatics I think makes a software to program the VC but you can also use dynapert to program the AC-7. Is that true? TDK told me they do not have any software to program the machines using software or offer any cables. Could you give me the name and number of the person you spoke with @ TDK and let me contact them. Again THANKS!

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TDK Axial/Radial Programming software | 14 April, 2004

Hi I recieved this back from TDK engineer in Germany his name is Andy Collins and knows his stuff. you can contact him direct on below e mail address and mention my name . hope you have fun.

many thanks john bond

John Please find below our quote for MFT-30

The price for us to supply the following:

MFT Software to install on customer supplied PC

Cable to connect PC to VC machine

Software upgrade for VC machine to include MFT-30 Option

is Euro 4200.00 Ex-Works Dusseldorf. Lead time 28 days from receipt of order Valid for 30 Days

The existing 8'' disk drive will still remain in the machine for the loading of the machine system software, this is not possible from the MFT-30 Terminal.

This price does not include any engineering time, therefore if a TDK engineer is required to upgrade the machine software or give MFT-30 training on site it will be charged as per our standard engineering price list.

This quote is for supply only and the installation of the MFT-30 software to your PC will be carryout by the end user or they can send their PC to Japan and TDK Japan will setup their PC.

I hope this meets with your approval and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, If you would like to proceed, please let me know and i will provide a formal quotation

Best Regards Andy

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