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Ivan Patricio


Temperature | 20 June, 2000

I will like to get the opinion from other members about temperature at work . We are current working with a temperature of 25C or 77F and we have found that we are having more problems than if was a little bet colder. Do you guys know where I can find information about this . Thanks

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Re: Temperature | 21 June, 2000

Hi Ivan,

J-STD-001C chapter 3.6.2 says temperature should be maintained between 18�C and 30�C and humidity should not exceed 70% and below 30% verification of electrostatic discharge control is advised. This is a wide range and I wouldn�t allow a swing from one end to the other cause that would definetly affect solderability and overall quality. 25�C is a temperature you wouldn�t adjust in your home for a comfort feeling but due to the machinery used it�s sometimes hard to obtain a lower temperature in the assembly site. If you adjust your processes to a certain temperature and humidity it�s more important to keep the changes low than to adjust for something that�s difficult to obtain.



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